Mythology and the truth


Mythology and the truth

For many hundrends of years, Homer's stories of the Trojan war were seen as mythology, or a story. Not many people seemed believed there actually was a Troy, but in November 2001, geologists John C. had used several books including the Illiad and Strabo's Geographia to identify the remains of Troy.

This has made me wonder. What if other stories and myths about certain places and/or animals can be true. Do you think it is possible to find other cities, artifacts, or animals through mythology and legends?


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Wow, that was in 2001? Time sure goes by fast.

Anyway, about your question, I'd say Homer's Troy was a one in a million chance.


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Okay, perhaps I was just really stupid or educated wrong, but I always thought the trojan war was real. THe horse, on the other hand, was the myth. Blame my school district I suppose.