Mount vesuvius erupts


It's thought that today, in 79 AD that Mount Vesuvius erupted and buried Pompeii. It's a sad thought to know that so many people died by the super heated air that came from Vesuvius and then were covered in ash. It's amazing what nature can do when it gets angry.


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Where I am right now, nature is quite angry. You should hear the thunder going on, as well as the lightning display. Both are very frequent. (And possibility of a tornado, but from what I can tell, it'll pass by north of the city.) I've never seen a tornado, and it certainly looks like that record is going to keep up.


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Just saw an exhibit of artifacts from Pompeii in the Boston Science Museum. I have been to Pompeii and this stuff was top shelf. I think it was from the museum in Naples where all thebest stuff was taken early on in the excavations.


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I saw Pompeii back in '94.
I recommend visiting it. The ash preserved so much of it beautifully, right
down to the wall paintings.
The most goulish items were the bodies that were still preserved after 2000 years.