Mother of lludd, llefelys and penarddun?


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The Welsh goddess Dôn was the mother, by Beli Mawr, of Llyr, Arianrhod, Gofannon, Gwydion, Gilvæthwy and Amæthon, but was she necessarily the mother of Beli's other children Lludd, Llefelys and Penarddun? And if not, who's this other woman?

In connection with this>> Penarddun was married to Llyr. Would the Welsh have had a problem with Penarddun marrying her full-brother, and therefore organise a "better" setup in which she instead married her half-brother (which Llyr would be if both of them are Beli's children but Penarddun's mother, namely who?, is different)? Or am I just splitting hairs? :eek:


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Arianrhod was the daughter of Beli and Don, but the rest of Don's children don't get given a father's name, nor do Beli's children get a named mother. Beli Mawr was also married to Anna, and had a son Aballac.