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I've always wondered why there are so many myths and superstitions attached to this bird. I've looked online and found the well known 'one for sorrow, two for joy' song but the strangest thing I've heard is that if you see a magpie you must say 'hello' to it! Any clues as to where this originated from?


Oh, this superstition is mostly characteristic to England and Scotland, if I'm not mistaken... I remember, from what my grandpa used to tell me, that people believed that spying a single magpie is considered an omen of bad fortune and saluting it is a way of showing the proper respect, so that the bird won't pass on some of the misfortune that follows it.

Why magpies? Good question... I read something online about magpies usually mating for life,... therefore seeing one on its own is as sign of sorrow because it's lost its mate, while if you see two it is considered a sign of joy because it's with its mate.