Looking to get a norse tattoo- help appreciated!


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I’ve always been into Norse mythology, but the history of the Runes and translations have never been a strong suit of mine. Long story short, I’m wanting to get a tattoo of the word STRENGTH in runes from the Viking era. Just from browsing on my own, Younger Futhark is what I’m looking to use, and the word STRENGTH is Þrótt. If I have my research correct, the word STRENGTH written/translated into Younger Futhark would appear to be any of the following:

• þᚱᚢᛏᛦ (long-branch) • þᚱᚢᛐᛧ (short-twig) • þᚱᚢᛏᛧ, þᚱᚢᛐᛦ (mixed)

Where as I understand it, long-branch runes are Danish in origin, and short-twig are Swedish/Norwegian in origin. Am I correct with all of this?

I would feel a whole lot more comfortable getting a tattoo if I had confirmation from more than one person (as I gathered the above information from the Norse reddit by a helpful user). I've been reaching out to experts for their input as well, but no answers as of yet.

Any input would be appreciated!


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You are correct. A friend of mine, who was in the Navy, got a viking tattoo with a ship in the background. He made the mistake of using Dane runes instead of Norwegian runes. He has Swedish ancestry, and he messed it up.
Depending on the size and where your allowed to show it due to work requirements, I suggest on your upper arm if it is your first tat.

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I'm wondering why you particularly want the Younger Futhark. I could provide assistance with the Elder Futhark, but I'm not to familiar with the Younger.