Living among witches.


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There is a professed family of witches in our community. Their kids go to school and they live amongst us. I have never known of anything amiss and do wonder if they say they are witches just to get attention.


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If they are sincere, then maybe they are followers of Wicca.
It is a Neo-pagan form of religion that is becoming very popular today.
A very poular book on what these people do is found in Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler.
Many modern day witches just want to be respected for following an alternative religion.
They are very eco-conscious people as well.


Wicca is actually very popular in many places of the world and they're not really the "witches" that we are more accustomed to hearing about. I heard they're actually really nice people whose beliefs center around all the natural elements on earth, or maybe that's another group of witches different from Wicca.. I get confused sometimes.


This is very strange. Did the family actually use the word witch? Anyone I have known that followed the Wiccan path, never called themselves witches.


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I know many people who will not come out of the broom closet so to speak. I always get a giggle from it knowing that people still run around thinking we are like those that movies and TV shows portray us as. Never believe everything you read or watch, unless you know it first hand.