Jersey devil


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OK. So the Jersey devil is supposed to live in the pine barrens of Jersey. He is supposed to be the 13th child of a mother who was worn down having babies. She cursed him by saying "I hope this one is a devil". Does anyone know anything about this urban legend?


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It dates back to when New Jersey was part of the British colony. Mrs. Jane Leeds found out that she was pregnant with her 13th child and she complained to her friend that "the Devil could take this one", so He did. When he was born he was a devil with a horse's head, a reptile's body, a forked tail, and bat's wings; he was 20 feet long. He flew out of the chimney then began haunting the Pine Barrens. Large animals and birds began disappearing and even the occasional baby. Animal remains were often found, but never that of the children. In 1740 a priest exorcised the area and the devil stayed away for 100 years, but then returned. After the 100 years it is said that Commodore Stephen Decature and Joseph Bonaparte sighted the devil. The Commodore shot him with a cannon ball, but the devil continued on to tho country belonging to the former king of Spain. In the 1800s few people saw the devil. In 1909 sightings began again in earnest. Thousands of people claimed to see the devil and eventually schools closed and people refused to leave their homes. In January 1909 several sightings occured in New Jersey and across to Philidelphia. On one occasion the devil attacked a dog. The entire town and police were wittness to this attack and one police officer shot the creature several times, but still it simply flew away. It reamerged 1927, attacking a car. Again in 1930 eating berries in a field. In 1951 it was spotted by dozens of people cornering a group of men, but it flew away without causing any harm. In 1960 $100,000 were offered for the capture of the Jersey Devil. The most recent sighting was in 1993 when a ranger saw a creature blocking the road. He was uncertain whether it was the devil or not.

Very interesting. I had heard of the Jersey Devil, but I didn't know anything about it. If it is true, that mother should have been punched in the nose.