Japanese mythology

The Misfit

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I'd like to read the book Nihon Shoki (AKA Nihongi), one of the primary texts of Japanese mythology. The problem is that the only complete translation I can find is the one by William George Aston, and I've heard that this is a very poor translation. I've herd that his sentences are awkward and that he does goofy things like translates parts that he deems too racy into Latin instead of English. Does anyone know where I can find a good complete translation?


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Hi Misfit, I'm a 17 yo young myth fanatic with few solid recources to study mythology. As a result, I read William George Aston's translation after failing to find an alternative and can describe it as servicable. While I did feel that it was pretty silly at times, I still felt that reading it was a net positive. I'm sure if you find another translation it would probably be better, but thought that you should know to not completely rule out his translation.