Irish folktales

Rhonda Tharp

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What's your favorite Irish folktale?

Mine would have to be the Secret of Roan Inish:
Synopsis: A young girl searches for a little brother who she believes has been raised by the half-seal and half-human selkies. The boy disappeared as an infant when his cradle was swept out to sea as his family evacuated Roan Inish, an island on the West coast of Ireland. Check it out, it's on DVD...


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The Irish culture is full of great folklore. From ghosts to fairy folk they have it all covered. I don't have a particular favorite, I love them all.


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Great movie.
I actually went to Blarney castle, but the line to kiss the stone was too long.
I walked around the beautiful grounds instead and saw the Witches Kitchen and The Druid's stone.


The Emerald Isle must surely be the home to story tellers. Being of Irish heritage, I have always been drawn to the fairies, and in particular the leprechaun. How very mysterious they are. Cobblers, negotiators, secretive beings. I have forever envisioned the virtual end of the rainbow, with the pot of gold and a trusty Leprechaun to guard it! :)


The legends about the leprechauns have always seemed very interesting to me. It's fascinating how tourists who visit Irish woods keep asking the locals about little green men who grant wishes if you catch them or if you find their pot of gold.