Hey Everyone! I am excited to be here. I have been looking for a forum to discuss myths for awhile and I liked this one the most! I am a 28f and I live near Chicago. I have a lot of hobbies and interests which include; Archery, painting, sword collection, writing and reading, video games, wine and beer and of course learning about Mythology. Nice to meet all of you:D
You certainly sound like a woman of taste. Nice to meet you, too. I hope this forum lives up to your expectations; it's really starting to grow on me.
You could provide plenty of information the Celtic Myths. I am completely ignorant on the subject so post away!
I started a Viking thread in the History Talk forum and plan to start beefing up content for the Norse. Write what you know, as they say.
Looking forward to your insight and opinions.


Thanks!! I will definitely check that thread out. I have been slowly learning about Norse Mythology. I have read up on Odin, Freyr, The Valkries, Fenrir ect. The story I like most is the one where Odin gets the knowledge of the Runes. I will do my best in the Celtic forum. I think this forum already lives up to my expectations...and Im certain I will become addicted!


Greetings and salutations. Great selection of activities you have there. Looking forward to seeing you around.
Hello to all my name is allison people call me lilith...i added the morningstar for the last name....any ways im 23 and my hobies include drawing, playing xbox360, reading anything and everything(fav is poe) learning bout anything and everything, sword play,archery,listening to music of all kinds, singing, and a third libra of the seconed generation...and if you have questions feel free to ask ....cant offend me and cant scare me...and ill return an answer with the truth!!!!


Lilith your so funny. You know you can start you own intro thread right? By the way. I love archery, I have a handmade bow. I play video games too, I love Poe. I am very much a Leo :)


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Im Devin and i like Egyptian Mythology. I dont believe in any modern religion. But i do believe that there are connections to myth to modern religions