In search of a god...


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This may be a bit vague but I'm hoping this will spark a memory.

I am looking for a myth about a God and Goddess, they came to Earth and enjoyed life for a while, then he died in a horrible accident leaving her alone here on Earth.

Now, it could be that she was an Earthling, but I am very confident he was immortal.

The one in my memory is the God (and perhaps Goddess - not sure if she is mortal or God) were rebels and came to Earth due to a forbidden love I believe. They lived happily and in love as Earthlings for some time but then one of them dies- I think it was him- to leave the other to suffer alone on Earth. I believe the death was a murder by another God...

It has been some time since I read this tale. There is a chance my mind has it mixed up and the one who died is the woman who was the God...

I am co-creating a modern take on this myth for a game app. Any info is appreciated!
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