I was hesitant to make a thread about this because they might be watching (hehehe), but what do you think about the Illuminati? There are several people claiming that they still exist and actually some celebrities are part of it. My friend and I were talking about this and he was telling me about all the videos out there that talk about their existence and power over influential people up to today.
I only wish I knew more about appears to be very complicated subject; its all down to interpretation and I think to really know it, you have to read alot about it to make an opinion of them, and other secret societies for that matter. I first came across them a few years back after watching National Treasure: Book of Secrets after trying to pick up bits of truth from the film. From that knowledge, i know of them from the New World Order and having some sort of a link to the Freemasons. I used to have intresting conversations with a woman who lives up my road about how we believe the government is controlling us and watching our every move. Which, I must admit does seem likely. The thing I love most about it is the cryptic messages, like the all seeing eye, and clues on American money etc. Then i heard of them in Angels and Demons, which told us about them being as Italian secret society with Galileo and other scientists? I haven't had much chance to research into this or how much truth comes out of this film. But back to what I think, I believe they do exist =) there are many video's speaking of there existance, this guy once sent me one, what do you think? =D


My first encounter with them was also through Angels and Demons, and then I didn't bother looking them up since I figured, hey this is a fiction book? And then a few weeks ago my friend just chatted me up about it and told me all the stories he had found online about the group. I think in some way they do exist, but I don't have an opinion on how far the scope of their power and influence is. If it's the pure and old form of the group or is it a new incarnation is also a question for me.
From stories ive heard, they're like a branch off from the Freemasons...who's origin is still very debatable. Some people would argue that the Freemasons first were formed from the Priory of Sion: the people who protect(ed) the Holy Grail and the bloodline of Jesus. There are countless stories online that speak of secret societies that have developed over time. The Illuminati, from what i believe in what ive seen: is a modern branch off Freemasonry, but then again, I could be wrong. The sad part being we people may never know the truth.

You have to be careful what you believe, though. Conspiracy theorists try and see past what is there, and question truth. The moon landing, for instance. They use evidence from what they see and what they're told, and try and link it all up, and manipulate whats there etc. I believe there is some truth behind every story, but some stories speak more truth than others.


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These mystical groups are funny. In the early 17th century some pamphlets appeared claiming that a miracle happened.
The tomb of Christian Rosenkreutz was found and his body was uncorrupted. The finding of his tomb and the intact body
was hailed as a miracle. During his life he was a kind of living Saint that lived centuries earlier.
This miracle was a call that a new "college" was being set up. It was a hidden college, and only those who had special abilities could join.
It was a college for the betterment of mankind. But you could not find it. The pamphlets claimed that they will find you.
Before you know it many people wanted to join this holy hidden college of esotericists. The problem was it did not exist!!!
There is no evidence even of a C. Rosenkreutz.
Over the years various groups started springing up claiming that they are the real Rosicrucians.
I consider them as well as Freemasons and the Illuminati as cut from the same clothe: a bunch of clubs for people who think they have some sort of special knowledge that is kept secret from all since it is rather dangerous.
In the end what they all have is squat!!!