What exactly is the lesson we're supposed to get from the story of Icarus? Listen to your father? Aim for the middle ground (not too close to sea or sun)?

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When I taught mythology, my students asked me that same question, and I said basically the same thing you said... Listen to your father, heed advice, and of course one student said, don't use wax on your wings. I also got the impression from this myth that there was something to be fearful of with the power of the heat of the sun, or the deep sea... like respect those powers, because sun and water give life, but can also take life away.


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That's the thing for everybody it's different, the most obvious idea would be to know your limits and when to stop, that doesn't mean however that it's the correct one. You also have to take into consideration that this story is more than 2500 years old and back then keeping plebs, plebs and kings, kings was high on the priority list.


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Hubris was a major sin against the gods of ancient Greece. Icarus thought he could fly higher and higher, so he was cut down. Bellerophon also came to a sticky end when he thought he could reach Olympus on top of Pegasus. At least that is what I took from the story.


Thanks for your answers.

LegendofJoe, I actually didn't see hubris in Icarus; I saw excitement and heedlessness. However, it's been awhile since I read the story so I could be wrong.


We can draw lots of lessons can be learned on myths even most of the stories are not true. With the story of Icarus, the lesson for me after reading about it is to not go over your head. There is no problem with aiming high but calamity can strike when we think we are already invincible.


I think it has something to do with the old adage that law is made to be broken (which I hope doesn't applies anymore today). It is like the old myth about Adam eating the forbidden fruit.


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I also think it's about not getting in deeper than you can handle and to also listen to others. Take others advice, do not be pig headed and stubborn trying to show others that you already know all and you can do anything without help.


What exactly is the lesson we're supposed to get from the story of Icarus? Listen to your father? Aim for the middle ground (not too close to sea or sun)?
I like to see Icarus as a typical teen determined to be independent and to "touch the red button." Tell me not to touch it, and I just have to touch it. I also see Icarus as rash, heedless and fearless when heading into danger. It's a necessary thing in cultures, for their youngest and strongest to be a little reckless. Romeo and Juliet were similar -- teenagers acting in haste, not heeding their elders' advice.


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Hubris was frowned upon in Greek and Roman myth. Icarus' downfall came when he though himself to go where only the gods and heros had gone before. As humans, we have limitations, and Icarus disregarded that knowledge. Keep in mind that, at the time, the sea belonged to Poseidon and the sky belonged to Zeus (no planes or subs, ships yes, but sailors knew that Poseidon ruled them). Had Icarus heeded his father's warning and stayed between both realms, he'd have been safe, but once he crossed that line he lost his life.
Phaethon came to a similar end because of hubris. He thought he could drive his father's chariot because he was the son of a god, he felt that he had to prove that he was better than human, but even the sons of gods had limitations. According to Apollo, Zeus himself wasn't strong enough to pull his chariot or control his horses. Had Phaethon kept to the middle ground, or better yet, stayed out of his father's chariot, he wouldn't have nearly destroyed the earth and been killed in the process.


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I like to see Icarus as a typical teen determined to be independent and to "touch the red button." Tell me not to touch it, and I just have to touch it. I also see Icarus as rash, heedless and fearless when heading into danger. It's a necessary thing in cultures, for their youngest and strongest to be a little reckless. Romeo and Juliet were similar -- teenagers acting in haste, not heeding their elders' advice.
It would seem like, from that, history is telling us to listen or die:oops:I missed that somewhere along the lines growing up. Guess I was just lucky:D


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Any Kansas fans out there???
They have a cool song called Icarus: Born on Wings of Steel.
Don't really know what the song is about, but it sounds cool.
The 70's rocked.:cool:


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Icarus[Oenomaus/Oenomachus]=Perseus/Mitra/Mithras/Misharu/Theseus[sword under stone]/Osiris/Dionysus/Hades/Athtar/Astraeus/Bootes/Arthur/Arcas/Arthur Pendragon/
Icarius[son of Daedalus]/Hesperus/Shalim[god of Jerusalem]/Deucalion/Benjamin.Ikaria famous for its wine in ancient times and as the birthplace of Dionysus.
Staphylus[cluster of grapes/Anab]=Ashtabil/Ashtabi/Ashtapi/Zababa['Wolf-father']=Anubis/Cerberus/Hermes/Moon/
Anpu/Anu/Uranus[brother of Oenopion/Odysseus/Mercury/Odin/Ullin/Ulysses].
Daedalus is Dagon/Kumarbi/Cronus/Minos[Be.dudulu/'lord of Tuttul'].Shala was Dagon's wife.In Sumer where rain rarely fell Shala was an import from Syria/Anatolia and became confused with Ishkur's wife,replacing Halabatu/Hebat.
To this we owe claims in ancient Greece that Demeter[Virgo/Shala] was the daughter of Cronus and mother of Persephone by Zeus.Baal Hadad/Teshub[Zeus] was the son of Dagon/Kumarbi.Melissa['bee'/Deborah] was a name shared by Demeter,Artemis and Aphrodite[Venus/Inanna/Ishtar/Shala/Rhea/Repit].
Dagon[invented plough] was called Ninurta[Lord Plough] in Babylonia/Sumer.Ninurta=Shulmanu/Saturn/Min/Pan.
Adam=Mercury/Stilbon.Adamma[Adamantheia/Amaltheia]=Stilbe[wife of Reshef/Apollo/Ares]=Themisto/Callisto.
Adam/Garuda ate forbidden apples[amrita/ambrosia] and lived for a long time.
Hyades[see Cleia]=Muses[see Clio].
Virgo=Demeter/Shala/Nut [Aphrodite/Artemis/Artio/Ursa Major/Arktos].
Ares=Mars/Nergal/Geb/Apollo[linked to goat and goose or swan].Shukra=Osiris/Asar/Hesperus.
Dionysus crucified Lycurgus of the Edoni.
Pan[Paean] Lupercus[Min/Priapus/Faunus].
Lotis=Qudshu[holds lotus and papyrus reed]=Ursa Major[on Leo]=Anahita[lotus].
Auriga=Reshef/Apollo/Phaethon/Orpheus/Tutankhamun.Ursa Major and Virgo[Dike/Demeter/Shala]=Eurydice.
Ursa Minor=Min/Pan/Wepwawet/Lycus/Lycaon/Lycomedes/Lycurgus/Lupercus/Cain/Cronus.
Epopeus=Epops[hoopoe]=Tereus/Terambus/Shiva Triambika/Osiris/Pallas/Mavet/Mot[Pluto].Peleus=Pelias.
Achilles=Heracles/Set-slew Cycnus/Lynceus/Lug/Apollo/Abelio of Crete and Lycaon etc..Alcyoneus[Eunomus]=Vulcan.
Callisto=Shala of EDurku['House of Durku']/Dirce[wife of Lycus/Cronus].
Hermes Logios=Thoth/Haoma/Ham/Asterius/Aldebaran/Minotaur/Leucus/Gwyn/Fionn/Laius/Garm/Manigarm/
Eurydice.Cain=Ogon/Ignis/Agni.Ino/Halia/Salt=wife of Lot.
Cermait Milbel[Ursa Minor]=Gronw Befr/Cain[Cronus/Shani/Hephaestus/Gobhniu- slayer of Ruadan/Mars Rudianos/Lleu Llaw Gyffes/Abel].
Helios[Sun/Atum] was the father of Mercury[Shu] and Tefnut/Neith of Asyut.
Shu was the father of Geb/Sebekh and Nut[Ares/Apollo/Nergal/Resheph and Artemis/Aphrodite/Rhea Silvia].Geb was the father of Seth/Yam/Poseidon/Lucifer and Osiris/Hades/Vala/Vali/Pluto.
Poseidon[Neptune/Nethuns] was the father of Triton/Hermes/Abas[called Poseidon Erechtheus at Athens].Anu of Erech[Uranus]=Erechtheus/'Erech-god'=Uranus/Anpu.Cronus was the father of Zeus/Baal Hadad/Tarhun/Taranis.
Aphrodite=Ishtar/Astarte/Inanna=Repit of Het-Repit/Triphis/Nut [goddess of love]=Rhea Silvia=Rhea Pitys/Pitys/Chloris.
Min[Pan] of Gebtu/Coptos=Minos/Cronus/Ptah/Wepwawet.Minos son of bull[Haoma/Hermes] and Europa.
Minos=Sarpedon['king of Edoni'/Lycurgus]=Rhadamanthus[Lycurgus of Sparta/lawgiver]=Pan/Faunus Lupercus.
Geb[Cepheus/Benben stone/Priapus/grandson of Atum]=Ares/Apollo.
Aquilo/Boreas/Bres=Mercury/Shu.Shu god of north wind and winter in ancient Egypt.Chih Nu/Weaving maiden/Penelope/Chione/Snow White/Vega/Lyra/Lara/Oreithyia/Europa/Athena Pronoea.
Min(os)/Priapus/Pan/Prajapati/Cronus was the father of Set[seed/semen]/Poseidon and Orion/Urien/Urine/Osiris/Dionysus/Hades.
Androgeus,son of Minos=Set.Oenopion/Odysseus/Hermes/Anu/Oeneus['wine'] was the son of Set/Laertes/Lir/Porthaon/Portunus/Palaemon/Melicertes or Sisyphus/Osiris/Dionysus/Theseus
by Anticleia/Nephthys/Ariadne.Iphicles=Osiris.Calydonian boar=Ares[Apollo/Phorcys/Abel/Lleu].
Ariadne=Ariane/Arianrhod/Luna/Selene/Hera/Nephthys/Mut/Ma/Hebat/Maia/Juno.Ino confused with Juno in the myth that Pasiphae was the mother of Asterius/Minotaur/Haoma.Ino-Pasiphae[Inanna/Medea] was the wife of Minos/Athamas/Tammuz[husband of Pyronia/Pyrene/Artemis/Callisto/Themisto].
Europa=Athena/Tefnut/Thyone/Neith/Anat[Semele/Zemelo/Zemlya=(Mother) Earth].Semele[Gaea]=Hyades.
Dionysus son of Nut/Artemis/Ursa Major/Meshketiu['Thigh of Bull'].Thor/Taru/Tarhunt/Taranis=Zeus/Hadad/Ishkur
[Scorpio-stands on bull/Taurus on exact opposite side of zodiac].Scorpio's tail represents bent arm of Zeus above his head with thunderbolt.
Astraeus=Athtar/Ashtar[evening star]=Asar/Osiris[father of Horus/Atum].
Perseus/Argus Panoptes/Triopas/Shiva Triambika/Rudra/Ruda[evening star] slew Medusa/Ariadne[Echidna/Nephthys/Antigone].
Idomeneus[Atymnios/Atum/Horus] judged Thetis more beautiful than Medea.
Patroclus linked to Hephaestion.
Aquarius=Ganesha/Ganymede/Skanda/Ascanius/Iulus/Iolaus/Hyacinthus/Erichthonius[ERECHTHEUM of Athens].
Pisces=Neith of Latopolis[Nile perch symbol]/Brigid/Minerva/Anat/Athena/Tefnut=ATHENS.
Capricorn=Pan/Paean/Aegipan/Aegoceros/Min/Cronus/Atlas Telamon/Telamonian Ajax of SALAMIS/Aias/Ajas/Aja[Sanskrit for goat]/Aegeus/Jason.
Taurus=Haoma/Hermes/Odysseus/Oenopion/Anpu/Anubis/Apis[herald of Ptah].Perseus=Mithras/Mitra.
Ophiuchus=Asclepius of EPIDAURUS/Eshmun[8]/Thoth of Eshmun,god of Feis na Samhain[31 October/1November].
Eshmun=Thoth of Khemenu(Hermopolis/Eshmunein)/Khonsu/Haoma/Hu-ma/treatment for epilepsy.
Leo=Mavet/Mot/Osiris[and Orion].Virgo=Venus/Demeter/Shala.Libra=Libera/Isis/Persephone[should be sister and wife of Liber].
Sagittarius=Eurytion/Eurytus/Mercury/Cephalus/Cyanippus/Cian/Teucer of SALAMIS[protected by Ajax/Capricorn].
Ursa Major[Urta/Plough]=Kadesh.Auriga=Triptolemus/Tremmili/Lycians[served under Hittites].
Draco=Spartoi/Spartans/Shardana[elite mercenary heavy infantry of pharaohs from Amunhotep III to Rameses III],called Ne'arin in Egyptian description of the battle.Leo=Judah/Judaea.Virgo[Demeter]=Egypt.
Lycus/Ischys[Tammuz/Adonis/Bata]=Wepwawet/Hephaestus,rival of Apollo/Ares for the love of Aphrodite.
Cerberus/Anubis[guard of tombs/underworld].Lepus/Taurus/Haoma=Hermes Criophorus[ref Aries].
Gronw Befr=Cronus/Shani[lame]/Hephaestus[Gemini].
Penelope=Hippodamia/Pallas Athena Damasippus.
Phylacus=Ares/Apollo[husband-brother of Artemis Callisto/Calliste/Arktos],father of Arktophylax/Arcturus/Icarius.
Vishnu rides on eagle.Telipinu[Set/Lucifer] stung by bee[Horus].
Vishnu[Mercury/Krishna] slew Arishta/Aristaeus/Eunomus/Good Shepherd.
Autolycus/Lycus/Wepwawet[herald of Osiris/Dionysus]=Cronus/Hephaestus/Gronw Befr[constellation Gemini].
Erechtheus=Anu of Erech=Hermes/Uranus[Moon-god],husband of Anat/Antum/Athena.
Erishkigal=Anat/Athena/Antum=Erisichthonia,daughter of Erisichthon[kigal='great earth'].
Meleager[son of Ares]=Set/Melqart/Heracles/Melicertes/Palaemon/Poseidon/Yam/Yama/Satan.
Lupercus/Faunus/Pan/Inuus/Priapus/Min/Fatuus[[father of Uni/Juno].
Dionysus/Orion/Hyrieus/Osiris was the (grand)son of Semele/Gaea[Tefnut/Athena].
Dionysus[Osiris] was the son of Ino/Anna/Inanna/Nut.
Rhea[Nana/Grandmother] was the mother of Mut['Mother']/Hera/Ma/Maia.Lampetia=Tefnut/Athena/Epione.
Labdacus=Set or Osiris.Laius=Laban/Uranus.Oedipus['Swollen-foot']=Hephaestus/Cain/Shani[lame/Cronus].
Zetes 'son' of Boreas/Aquilo=Seth 'son' of Adam[Aquila/Eetion].Calais=Ninurta of Calah[Nimrud].
Anpu[Eshmun/Asclepius/Khunsu] resurrected Bata[Horus/Aristaeus].
Capricorn[Pan/Saturn] the sign of the zodiac through which the Sun passes[late December-early January].25 December/Dies Sol Invictus.
Thessalus[son of Theseus/Osiris and Salacia/Nephthys/Tyro]=Hermes/Anubis/Asclepius/Pelias[or son of Set/Poseidon/Heracles].
Dagon[Hephaestus/Wepwawet] god of corn[bread to eat used fire/preserved by salt/halia].
Caeneus/Caenis=Canis Minor/Procyon=Cerberus[3 heads=Columba/Pelias,Lepus and Canis Minor[in ancient times would have included stars now in Monocerus constellation] constellations/Anubis[son of Set/Poseidon]/Anpu/Anu/Erechtheus/Uranus/Haoma/Hermes.Canopus/Agastya/Acastus=Hades/Deucalion/
Dionysus.Canis Major=Persephone.
Coronus[Bran],son of Caeneus=Cronus[Ptah/Hephaestus].
Coronus was the father of Leonteus[Nefertum].
Cian[Mercury]=Cyanippus[Akhenaton/Shu].Adrastus=Leucus[David/Ay].Phrixus=Atys/Attis/Zananzash/Urijah the Hittite.
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