Icarus: armageddon


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The Greek legend of Icarus tells the story of a curious male whose constructed wings of wax led to doom when he used the wings to reach higher and higher (and too high) into flight and reached the hot rays of the Sun which melted his waxen wings, leading to his fall.

This story represents humanist anxieties that are very symbolic for the modern consumerism age. If humanity is to celebrate modern consumer iconography video games such as "Diner Dash" (GameLab), it must be sure to temper imagination excellence with sci-tech humility, lest it become to arrogant or vain-glorious about its own intelligence wizardry.

We do not want an Icarus to sail so high in the mind with modern digital wizardy so as to create or hype a nefarious tech matrix self-destruction element such as Video-Man (a comic book avatar who can travel through electric wires but disrupt computer networks like a freezing virus).

Helen from Paris

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This ancient message is very simple, so simple that "young" age (Icaros) is unable to understand knowledge of "olds" (Daidalus) until the doom. μηδε'ν α'γαν - nothing in excess.