I need an explanation


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I need an explanation

Okay so about a year ago this girl moved from Virginia. Automatically we became best friends. We have everything in common except personalities.
Just reacently my night terrors have been getting worse. i told my friend, Ams, about it and she said that she is having the exact same night terrors (with some exceptions). I've had them every night for at least a week. I don't even want to close my eyes.

My friend dreams things that haven't happened yet. I'm different though. I see and hear things that other people can't. For example, i saw this young man in my basement for a split second when Ams and i were hanging out, he looked curious. then just like that he vanished. the next day i was looking through pictures with Ams and saw who the man was. It was Ams oldest brother. he died when she was younger. lately though it's been getting worse and i'm really freaked out. It's always different when we're together though. In some strange reason i can't explain.
Is there a Myth or legend to explain this?
Ams thinks it might be this thing called destanio or something like that. where one soul was split in half. and by some chance the two halves meet. but i dunno. I want some answers. please don't tell me that we're imagining it because we aren't. and please don't tell me that we're freaks because we already know that. all i want is answers!

interesting things happenning to you.

there's mention of a soul splittiong into many (three to be exact) in the movie "Little Buddha" directed by Bernardo Betolucci and I don't think he's the kind of guy who's have unauthentic contents in his movie.

also, the thing that you could see a person long dead is most definitely a boon. I'd suggest you seek a professional (who's not lying about his abilities) and try to hone this ability of yours.

remember the movie "the sixsth sense"? the dead came to the little child who could see them, seeking help.

don't let the smile fade.



I have had these dreams before. Its like Deja Vu, but not. We all have them. I tend to have dreams or nightmares that don't happen, but what is symbolized in the dream does, such as a death in the dream would mean you losing a friend later on, or your choices will force that one person away from you.