Holistic healing


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Does anybody have a "cure" handed down over the generations that you swear by for getting rid of common ailments like a cold or the flu?
Yup. We used lemon juice, rock candy, whiskey and hot water to make a nice hot toddy to get rid of a cold. More often than not, it worked. When my Grandmother was young, alcohol was also used for medicinal uses too.


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I read somewhere that bourbon was invented by a Baptist preacher for medicinal use. We used brown sugar mixed with whiskey for a cough.


Warm whiskey. Mix it with with two tablespoons of sugar and put a hard candy peppermint in it. I was told it would either cure you or kill you. For a sore throat, warm lemonade or warm milk with a teaspoon of ginger. The warm lemonade is surprisingly good. The milk with ginger is a little harder to drink, but will quickly ease a sore throat.


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Good ideas, thanks for sharing. I may have to give that warm whiskey concoction a try, WinterWitch.;) I'll get back to you on whether or not it works... either way.