Historical biographies


Someone on my Christmas list absolutely adores reading historical biographies. I know some of you like history, but do you also like this kind of story?


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I do, especially if they are written in story form. I detest facts, figures and statistics. You don't say how old this person is or what period in history they like. When you find these things out, check with your local librarian then book store. I'll bet they will fix you right up.

Rhonda Tharp

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Yes, I like historical biographies. I am reading "American Sphinx" by Ellis at the moment. It's about Jefferson, so far so good.
Has anybody read the new Mark Twain autobiography? It was apparently just released. I got it for my boyfriend for Christmas because he is a huge fan. It is really big. I bet it has a ton of interesting stories.


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I have read several of these. I agree though I much prefer the ones that are written more story like than facts and figures. I read several Native American ones a few years back and they were great.