Hi everyone. I'm Eric, a big time myth geek. My university major was in classical civilizations with mythology a prime interest. I work in a museum where I got to handle and conserve some wonderful artefacts from ancient history that had mythological connections. For example one was a 1st century BCE clay lamp from a temple of Serapis in Alexandria, moulded with a likeness of the god. Fun stuff!

I've studied Greek, Roman, Chinese, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, First Nations Canadian, and Mesoamerican mythology most of my life, as well as Hindu and Buddhist literature. I'm fairly new to Celtic and Norse myth, anything north of the Mediterranean. Odin as shaman, and Lugh and Dian Cecht in Ireland are my current interests.

My particular loves are the gods of invention, knowledge, books, and science: Athena, Hermes, Nabu, Djehuty, Seshat, Ganesh.


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It sounds like you will fit right in. I am fairly new to this forum too and I am enjoying myself a lot. Your job does sound like a lot of fun, I am envious.


Thank, you, I do enjoy it a lot.

We seriously do not make books like we used to. Today I looked through a gorgeous 1855 book on Polynesian mythology and traditional New Zealand history. Magnificent woodcuts and a beautiful gilded canvas cover featuring a spirit totem. Too bad I can't photograph some of the images for you guys, it's so neat!