Haunted history


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There are so many places rich in history, and many places where battles took place. Sometimes the aftermath of these events result in unusual events/sightings. Haunted places in history. I understand there is a place in Maryland which is a "hot spot" of activity as the resut of the Civil War. Have you ever visted or heard of any such places?


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Yes, I have. Sites of great tragedy "feel" different to me. There is something there that is unmistakable that I can sense. I have been able to tell friends who have tested me if something tragic happened at a place they have taken me that I had no way of knowing about beforehand.


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We drove past the Amityville horror house up on Long Island a couple of years ago. We didnt stop or slow down or anything but even with only a two second glance, it still seemed wierd looking at such a well known site.