halloween superstitions


halloween superstitions

Bats - If a bat flies around a house 3 times it is said tobe a death omen. If a bat flies into your house ghosts are about. Good weather will come if bats come out early and fly around playfully.

Black Cats - In North America if a black cat crosses your path it is said to be bad luck, while a what cat crossing your path is supposed to be good luck. However, in Ireland and Britain the opposite is believed. If a cat jumps over a dead body it is said to be a vampire.

Halloween babies are said to see and be able to talk to spirits. They are supposed to enjoy lifelong protection against evil spirits.

Find a group of people and peel and apple in a continous motion. The person who is able to peel the longest piece is said to have the longest life.

If the flame of a candle turns blue suddently, there is said to be a ghost nearby.

If you see a spider on Halloween means that a spirit of a deceased loved one is watching over you.

While bobbing for apples the first person to bite one is said to be the first to marry.

A girl putting a spring of rosemary and a sixpence under her pillow on Halloween is said to dream of her husband.

Scare eveil away by ringing a bell on Halloween.

  • Tossing a cutting from your hair into a Halloween bonfire and dreaming about your husband or wife should reveal his or her identity.
  • Eating a slice of barnbrack can reveal your immediate future as regards your love life or prosperity.
  • Snap apple is a game rooted in Irish traditions that involves attempting to bite an apple hanging from a string.
  • Halloween costumes have their roots in the actual practice of trying to avoid capture by real spirits by disguising oneself as one of them.
  • Knock a dolly is a game first played in Ireland as a Halloween prank. It involves knocking on a door and running away before someone can answer.
  • Orange is a Halloween color because it is associated with the fall season. Halloween celebrates the end of the fall season.
  • Black is a Halloween color because it is associated with death as is Halloween.
  • Witches were one of the evil spirits that were avoided by the Celts on the day when mortals and the dead were in close proximity. Black cats were thought to be protectors of the witch’s powers.
  • Jack o’ lanterns may have their origins in turnips that were hollowed out and lit with candles to ward off the evil spirits by the Celts.
  • Irish immigrants may have brought Halloween to America during the potato famine.
  • The Celtic festival of Samhain is probably the beginning of Halloween as we know it today.
  • Vampire bats are not from Transylvania.
  • Pumpkins may have become more popular for Halloween than turnips due to their orange color.
[FONT=&quot]Halloween is the sweetest holiday of the year with higher sales of candy.[/FONT]


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These are fabulous! Can you just imagine a bunch of carved turnips (which don't really get too big) out on people's front stoops on Halloween? Pumpkins work much better, I think.