Halloween: am i too old?


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I'm in my EARLY twenties. In my entire life I've never been trick-or-treating! Unfortunately it is against my famiily's religion and so I was never able to participate. When I got older and moved out I was always too busy working to go candy collecting. Now I have kids of my own and I would love taking them. The only thing is that they are still babies and so aren't old enough for sugar-binges.
I'm wondering if I went trick-or-treating with my diaper-clad kids, if people would wonder why I'm at their door or if it's the norm for people to take their babies out for candy. Honestly I just want the chance to dress up and eat a bunch of junk food without feeling bad:oops:
How old is too old for Halloween?


Well it would be a little weird if you went trick or treating by yourself, but taking your kids, even as babies, is acceptable. Go for it!


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I have seen tons of people take babies in strollers that are barely old enough to roll over let alone eat candy. I say it is totally acceptable and go for it. Just make sure you dress up the kids too. (HaHa)


Don't worry, go for it. Make or buy matching costumes. You be Pooh Bear and dress the baby as piglet. Or Kanga and Roo. Be creative, dress up and have a blast!
If you are taking your kids, go for it. I get tons of babies at my door every year and it doesn't bother me. Nobody has to know that you are enjoying it more than they are. I always see tons of adults dressed up with the kids. Have fun!