Hello and warm greetings to all,

I'm not sure what to say in the way of an introduction, only that I greatly enjoy both mythology and folklore.

As terms of interests, I enjoy listening to orchestral music, writing, reading* classic literature, books of mythology, compendiums of folklore; reference materials related to folklore (encyclopedias of symbols, stars, bestiaries, angels, &c.), pseudipigraphic texts, and all-things linguistics—from etymology to definitions. I do not, however, enjoy psychological analyses of folktales and mythology; I do not believe that we can attribute modern psychological causes to traditional tales borne out of a given people's quest for survival, geographic location, or surrounding culture.

Again, I'm at a bit of a loss as to what I should put in here, so I shall conclude. I realise this is a well-established, yet not large forum, and I am a n00b here; hopefully I can, with time, work my way into the community. :)

* More often than not, I do more slacking on the internet than reading, in spite of the fact I have a modest-sized personal library filled with many wonderful books I want to read, but for whatever reason lack the motivation of actually opening and reading.