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I love anthing to do with a trickster and it all started with Rumpelstiltskin as a child. Has anyone here read this one before or heard the name before?


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I have. "Spin me some thread made of gold, please." As well, "I want the name of your first born child." Evil, cunning man. Robert Carlyle plays him in Once Upon A Time.


Is Glooskap, the same as Rumplestilskin? I have heard similar stories, but I can not remember them exactly. I always enjoyed the Rumplestilskin stories, too. Now, if only I could spin thread into gold, I would have it made!


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Stories of Glooskap are found in a great book called Algonquin Myths and Legends. An old book.
He is an important folk hero to the Native Americans, but I don't remember the stories well.
I much more liked the other stories the book retold.