Ghosts in graveyards


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There are so many stories of ghosts in certain graveyards that I couldn't name them all. I'm sure we all have a local graveyard that has a reputation of having ghosts. However, I've never had an experience that would lead me to believe these are true. Has anyone had an encounter?


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I had a bizarre experience in a small graveyard in New Jersey. I was with my dad and we parked the car and got out to check out the graveyard. There were only about 20 headstones and they all dated back to the mid 1800s. Then we were walking down the road a bit and out of nowhere came this group of people - a few adults and a few kids. They were all dressed in very old fashioned clothing and had completely straight faces and they didn't acknowledge us at all. It was really weird. When we walked back to the car a few minutes later, they were no where to be seen. We drove up and down the road a ways looking for them, but they were just gone.

Even though I was there and saw this for myself, as I sit here typing it I think it sounds ridiculous, lol.


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Geez! I think I'd be getting out of there quickly. I don't usually visit graveyards unless I absolutely have to. Then it's not by choice.


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Actually, graveyards are the least common place to find spirits. There still are cases of hauntings in a graveyard but usually when a person dies, that person will haunt the place they most went. Such as a house or maybe, in Marilyn Monroe's case, a hotel. Although they are the perfect setting, ghosts may be seldom found in a cemetery. :)


ok this is going to make me sound like super creepo mccreeperson but I live right next to a HUGE very old graveyard. I read there in the summer under the big oak trees and I take my walks/runs through them when I am exercising. This particular graveyard doesn't creep me out...but a friend of mine was running along the fence one day, which is covered in vines and bushes in the summer and its right next to a park, she told me she kept hearing a dog running around on the other side(the graveyard side) chasing her. She could here the rattling of chains. I wasn't very happy when she decided to tell me this as we were running along side the same fence.

Reaper your story totally freaks me out. I have a friend who was driving down a country road with his wife, they saw a man standing at the side of the road wearing an old tux with a top hat. I guess the man almost walked right in front of my friend and he still saw him in the rearview mirror as he passed. He asked his wife if she saw it and she said yes...he slowed down and looked behind him but no one was there. They turned around and at the exact same spot the man was walking was an old graveyard with only about 6 graves and nobody in sight.....eerie!