Gate: kazoo


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The fictional comic book villain Video-Man serves as a nemesis of the webbed wonder Spider-Man (Marvel Comics).

Video-Man is a super-mutant who can travel through electric wires and disrupt computer networks like an interference virus.

Video-Man represents modern era infrastructure consciousness anxieties about signals reliability.

Signals are important to human intelligence, since they are coded forms of valuable communication.
Communication and language typify civilization organization and efficiency, so signals developments (i.e., sonar, email, scrolls, etc.) are very symbolic.

When we look at the title of certain poems meant to convey mythological weightiness regarding communication signals, we infer the value of the human network. Such communication signal idealization poems include "Dream Deferred" (Langston Hughes), "The Red Wheelbarrow" (William Carlos Williams), and "The Raven" (Edgar Allen Poe).

If communication signals form a prophetic intelligence gate to social networking, then the celebration of such signals comprise a key component of folklore and mythology. This perhaps explains the historical value of signals-themed folklore Hollywood (USA) movies such as "Alien" (1979).

Such ideas reveal the toy market of the kazoo, a sound-producing device that makes music-like signals with a simple blow of air through a small thin tube. The kazoo can be interpreted as a trumpet or call-sign of the prophetic human communication signal divination gate.