"funny name" legends

There is an urban legend that somebody tried to tell me was true and happened at the hospital that her "best friend's mom's cousin's" place of work (a hospital). She actually got mad at me when I said that I had already read it on Snopes. The background of the urban legend has some roots in early racism and classism, though most don't realize this when passing on the story as a joke.

The legend is basically that a woman had twin boys and named them Orangejello and Lemonjello, pronounced or-AN-ju-loh and le-MON-ju-loh.

Has anybody else heard this one or something similar?


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No. But that would be a terrible thing to do to your kids. I've heard some pretty awful names in my day, but those are pretty high on the list. I think one of the worst I ever heard was Clamydian.


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I can beat that and it's a true story, too. A guy in my father-in-law's motorcycle club named his son Critter. I kid you not! It's on the birth certificate and everything. People like that should be prosecuted for child abuse.


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Critter is terrible!
I've had students named Harold Man III (went by Harry), Crystal Shanda Lear, Velvet Coffee and my favorite - Snow White.
I knew a girl in middle school named Princess Bell, but Snow White is pretty funny too.