Former mythology teacher, out of work... sorta

Rhonda Tharp

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My name is Rhonda and I teach US History. Seven years ago, I created a curriculum for 8th graders called "Comparative World Mythology" and was able to teach it until this year. My district said that because the kids don't receive high school credit for the class, it would no longer be taught. ( I covered Greek, Celtic, Norse, Egyptian, some Hindu, some Japanese and Chinese.) I am grieving for the opportunity I once had, and I miss discussions, making comparisons and connections to other beliefs, myths, cultures, etc. I am still interested in mythology and would like to continue learning all I can about the vast topic.

I look forward to reading your posts on this forum.



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Hi Rhonda!

Sounds like an awesome class. Perhaps you could offer it to the community college level students?


Hi Rhonda. Sorry to hear your course got pulled, it would have been nice if they just gave the course a credit and saved it that way. Lucifer beat me to the community college suggestion. Check out other adult learner opportunities too, sometimes there are libraries and community center courses available too.


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You probably need to start looking into the Community College course idea asap since most school require a few months prior to be able to make scheduling and send out course selection guides. You'll probably have to write up a basic description of the course along with the syllabus. I'd do it now, and if you are lucky and have more than one adult level school in your area, contact them all.

Good luck and I look forward to reading your posts.


Greetings and salutations. I wish they offered that when I was in school. It sounds like a great class. Sorry to hear it got pulled.


I think I would have sat through that class in school. I hated the history they taught us, it was boring and could not keep my interest at all.


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Rhonda, that would have been a dream class for me. We did learn a lot of mythology in my normal classes though. I would look into your local adult education center. I know mine offers classes on everything from swing dancing to computers to DIY kitchen remodeling.