Food and adhd


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Has anyone heard the recent news about how some foods can cause children and some adults to have overactive behavior? My sister recently sent me information about how many foods contain red dye in them and apparently red dye can cause hyperactivity in children and some adults.
I'm the type that has to test out these types of things so I gave my son a snack that I knew had red dye in it and not 15 minutes later he was bouncing off the walls and dive-bombing from couch to floor. I gave him different snacks, all with red dye, for three days. Each time, he got extremely hyper and had trouble falling asleep during naptime and even bedtime. At the end of the three days I cut out all red dye, giving him snacks that were mostly organic and there was an obvious difference. He is quieter and more mellow, though he's a little boy so of course still a bit all over the place, but there's been a great improvement.
For parents who have kids that have ADHD it would be wise of you to take a look at what's in your childrens food and drinks. It could be that their hyperactivity is due to something that they're eating.


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My son had severe allergies when he was a child and we became avid label readers. You would be surprised what some of the dyes and food additives can do to little ones that have no tolerance for these things. It's not natural that we should be putting all these preservatives and additives into our bodies. Read the labels.