Fairy forts


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An interesting read is Haunted Land by Paul Devereux. Over 2,000 ring-forts dot areas of the Irish landscape which now contain thorn bushes. This site type originated in the Iron Age and date between AD 500 and 1200. To generations of country people these forts were seen as one of the places where fairies dwelt, living underground and from which they emerged at night or at special times to travel across the countryside. I think it would be astonishing to visit one of these ares.
That's interesting. I read another post that said if you eat of the fruit of the bramble, you should leave a cap full of honey to thank the fey folk for the fruit, otherwise they would cause you no end of mischievousness.


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I saw one of these forts while traveling in Ireland.
It was in Kerry. It was a smaller one, but standing on the stony ring was truly remarkable because it was so old.