Fabled Weapons


Fabled Weapons

Yes, when I say fabled I mean any and all: mythological, legendary, and 'supreme' weapon you know of.

- The Blade of Flames, Flamberge (relatively universal)
- The Blade of Heaven, Kusanagi (Japanese Mythology)
- The Legendary Blade, Excalibur (British Legend)
- The Maiming Spear/Spear of Destiny/Holy Lance, Longinus (Christian Belief)
- The Hammer of Lightning, Mjolnir (Norse Mythology)
- The Colossal Sword, Gram/Balmung/Nothung (British Legend)
- The Sword of the Hunter, Hrunting (General Norse Mythology)
- The Lightning Bolts of Truth, Vajra (Hindu Belief)
- The Sword of Mountains, Caladbolg (General Norse Mythology)
- The Sword of the King, Clarent (British Legend)
- The Sword of the Loyal Traitor, Alondite/Arondite (British Legend)

Yes, I know I left out quite a few, that is where I'd like you to help me fill them in. Oh, and there are variations of certain weapons.


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Other weapons

What about Frey's magical sword which would of itself spread a field with carnage whenever the owner desired it "if wise be he who wealds it"
Thor's other weapon-like, his belt Megingjord, and his iron gloves jarn griepr.
Tyrfing- a sword made by the dwarves in the Elder Edda.
Clarent-King Arthur's sword of peace.
Ame-no-nuboko- japanese halberd that formed the first island.
Spear of Lugh or Spear Luin-forged by the god Lugh for use against Balor of the evil eye, whoever wielded would come out victorious in battle.

Hope that helps or if it doesnt then I'm sorry...

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From Norse mythology:

Aegishjalm ("Helmet of Terror") - the helmet of Fafnir that causes fear in all who see it.

Dainsleif ("Dain's Legacy") - the sword of King Hogni, forged by the dwarves. It always strikes its target and no wound inflicted by its blade will ever heal, but if drawn it cannot be sheathed again until it claims a life.

Dragvandil - the sword of Egil Skallagrimsson.

Gram - the sword of Sigurd, forged for him by Regin for use against the dragon Fafnir. Its sharpness was such that it split Regin's anvil down to the base.

Gridarvol - a magic staff given to Thor by the giantess Grid when he found himself without his hammer.

Gungnir - the spear of Odin, fashioned by the dwarves with the property of always striking its target.

Hrotti - the sword of Fafnir.

Megingjard ("Belt of Might") - a magical belt worn by Thor that increases his strength.

Mimung - a sword forged by the smith Velent (Volund, Wayland).

Mjolnir - the hammer of Thor and his main weapon against the giants. Forged by the dwarves, it has the property of always striking its target and, if hurled against an enemy, returning to the hand. It is sometimes thought that lightning and thunder are caused by the hurling and striking of the hammer. Following Thor's death during Ragnarok, his sons Magni and Modi will inherit the hammer.

Sultr ("Famine") - the eating knife of Hel, goddess of the underworld.

Tyrfing - a sword forged by the dwarves which never misses its target, never rusts and able to slice through iron and stone. However, the two dwarves who made it did so under duress, so they laid a curse on it that it would cause the death of a man every time it was drawn, and that it should bring three great evils.

The flaming sword of the fire giant Surtr which he uses to set the world on fire during Ragnarok.

The net of the sea goddess Ran, which she uses to capture sailors who are drowning and pull them down to the watery depths.

The spear of mistletoe used to kill Baldr.

The stag antler used by Freyr to kill the giant Beli.

The sword of Freyr that had the ability to fight on its own, given to his servant and messenger Skirnir in return for his help in the courtship of the giantess Gerd.

The sword that was used to prop open the mouth of the wolf Fenrir when he was bound by the gods. The saliva of the wolf formed a river.


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Ancient Greek Weapons

At the beginning of the titanomachy the uranian cyclopes forged thunderbolts for Zeus, mighty Poseidon's trident and Hade's helmet of invisibility.


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From Japanese Myths
Amanonuhoko, the halberd supposedly decorated with jewels used by the first divine beings to create lang at the beginning of everything.


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Anaklusmos aka Riptide made by the Hesperides for Hercules

This was made by one of the Hesperide sisters for Hercules to help him to slay the dragon and get a golden apple from the Hesperide's tree.