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Hello I am new to this forum and I am glad that I found it. I searched for forums that had my interests at heart and alas, guided, my search is at an end. I love mythology all kinds even the ones that I have not been graced with their knowledge of excistance...I would gladly and kindly appreciate the guidence of the elders as to establishing a rightly place amongst this forum...I also love philosophy and the rightly branches its bears...I adore all that is ancient and archaic...


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How was the Exuberience?

Youthfull exuberience is allways handy, and I like your enthusiasm for knowledge. What got you interested in history and mythology?


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nice to meet you!!

im hermesrulz101 i am a greek mythology specialist and enjoy forums ive posted alot for 1 day but it is so fun hope u have fun hermesrulz101 :D :D :D