Dragonology: consumption


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The various avatars and mythologies surrounding the stories and fables about 'darkness' or 'evil' often deal with the unpredictability of uncertainty.

While the unknown and the uncertain often seem like regions of darkness and evil, they may not be. Nevertheless, we impose images of darkness on concepts of uncertainty since they help us work out anxieties regarding risk management. After all, isn't it safe to assume that the unknown may be dangerous lest we be tempted to take unnecessary and unwarranted risks?

Various darkness and evil myths in Christianity and fantasy realm fables involve the incantations of dragons and leviathan-like serpents. Because such snake-like creatures writhe around without any definable spinal or reflex joint movement, they represent cunning or stealth.

Some Dragonology fables present the following pyramid-like murals:
Green Dragon - Master of all dragons and ruler of stealth, cunning, and wrath
Red Dragon - First subservient of the Green Dragon and ruler of malice and pride
Blue Dragon - Second subservient of the Green Dragon and ruler of power and greed
Black Dragon - Third subservient of the Green Dragon and ruler of mischief and fury

These dragon avatars help storytellers and anthropologists work out ideas about consumption paranoia as it relates to prioritization anxieties.

These mythos symbols reflect the psyche value of relevant Hollywood (USA) movies such as "Army of Darkness" (1992).