Dog park nails in cheese


Lately I have gotten at least 5 emails claiming that some pervert has been giving dogs in dog parks, cheese cubes with nails stuck in them. There is a photo with the email that shows a handful of cheese cubes that has what looks like upholstery tacks in them. Well, it's an urban legend. There have been no dog park deaths due to nails in cheese. Of course, I wouldn't let your dog take treats from someone else but the email is a hoax.
I have seen the pictures and stories on Tumblr, where I spend a lot of my internet time. I didn't know this was untrue. I guess now I can let everybody know. Does anybody know if there are articles about it somewhere? I am really interested in how this story got started and what the picture is from. Thanks for sharing!
I'll try to find the debunking article for you. It's ridiculous when people do this. They scare people to death. Of course I wouldn't let my dog eat anything from anyone other than me or my family anyway. I am very protective of them.


Who comes up with these hoax emails? Do they have nothing better to do, than make people paranoid. Also, who lets their beloved pet take treats from strangers?