Do you believe the story of rene asche ronodlier?


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Okay I was watching something on scariest places on earth about this guy who was born looking like a monster and I do believe he may have been born with a rare gene that is commonly associated with werewolves. Any way the people of Savvanah Georgia were afraid of him. Apparently when he was younger he would get blamed for the brutal killings of small animals. Then as he got the people insisted his family lock him up. Which they did by supposedly sealing him behind a wall. The villagers just to make sure he'd stayed there threw bottles at it.

Then when two girls were discovered dead. They hunted him down and found him not where he was supposed to be but in the underground catacombs where he had actually been living. They didn't waste anytime dragging him to the swamp and hanging him. Here's the best part of the story after his death two more children and a woman were found killed on separate days and because no one else could be found they say his ghost did it.

Now here's a little more interesting fact years later when his grave was dug up it was empty and a skeleton was on an island not to far away a skeleton about Rene's size was found.

Here's what I think happened.

I think Rene was innocent, got killed for a crime he committed and his parents buried him in a different spot so no one could terrorize his remains.