Dark/black knight


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Okay, so, that game I mentioned that I do research for, we are creating a jousting type of thing within it and I was asked to create a character/plot to be the...well, the black knight.

In so many instances through out history and fiction, there is the black knight, the bad guy to the good guy.


Well, I would really like to see if there is a mythological person, or a myth, that I can use for my basis/foundation but there is so much information out there I'm really not sure where to start. Would someone be able to give me a starting point for what myth or greek God/Goddess would be good for this role for me to start my research and plotting at?

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If you're thinking of making a Greek God/Goddess into a jousting knight, then you really need not do any research. Just make it up. Which would be a good thing to do anyway.
The web site you picked is a good start. Just follow the links.


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The closest suitability for this that I can think of is a deity who wielded or used a lance or spear, and there were very few of such among the ancient Greeks. The most obvious are the main war deities Ares and Athena, and Ares' daughter-wife Enyo, another war-goddess, who was also Ares' charioteer and would use her spear as a spur for his four fire-breathing chariot-horses. From her golden spear or staff, Athena was called Khrysolonkhos [Latinised Chrysolonchus], "Of the Golden Spear/Lance."

Less obvious is the warlike Spartan version of Aphrodite, surnamed Areia, who, like Aphrodite Nikephoros, "Bearer of Nike (Victory)," was decked in the attributes of Ares: a helmet, a shield and a sword or lance (spear). In the war of the Gigantes against the Olympian gods, the smith-god Hephaistos also used a spear together with his tongs, bellows and crucible to fight against the Gigantos Aristaios. In the same war the sole weapon of Hephaistos' mother Hera was a spear. Aphrodite was likewise armed with a spear in this war; and she, Hera and Hephaistos, used similar weaponry when the gods fought against each other in the Trojan War a generation later.