Cutting the blood eagle

Quentin Woolery

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Has anyone heard of this type of Norse mythological torture? The gist of it is they would take a prisoner and lay them face down. Then they would cut a large cut on each side of the spine and detach the ribs from the spine. Then they would spread them out before crucifying the victim.

Sounds lovely, doesn't it?


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I've heard this many times. They would remove the lungs from the back and they would look like little bloody wings.
It is found in Norse literature, and I heard about it on the history channel as something they really did.
However, I believe there is some recent controversy that maybe it did not happen.


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Well, my stomach just turned at the mental image in my head now, but a very interesting way to torture someone indeed- even if there's no possible way that someone could survive from it!


Well, it's better than the torture some of my ancestors meted out. Most of the American Indian tribes had some very inventive ways to torture someone. I really shudder when I think about some of the things that man has done to man over the years.


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Sounds pretty nasty to me! I have not ever heard of it and I'm so glad that I don't believe it. Can you imagine this happening to you? It totally turned my stomach, just like the torture tree mess I was talking about a few days ago.


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