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The legend of CuChulainn is the most famous Irish myth and arguably the most important original legend in Northern European literature. First transcribed by Irish monks in the eighth century it derives from an oral tradition that dates back a further thousand years or more. No other Celtic saga of it’s scope, power and magnificence has been preserved anywhere else in Europe. Indeed it is the only complete link to a pan-European Celtic civilization that once dominated the continent for two thousand years prior to it’s destruction at the hands of the Roman Empire.
It is this link to an almost forgotten European past that is a cornerstone of the appeal of CuChulainn. For not only is it a stirring story of love, conflict, treachery, valor and sacrifice but CuChulainn connects all Europeans to their world before the Roman conquest. As such it is a truly authentic glimpse into the first original and unique European Civilization. It is this linkage that we wish to promote. In this troubled time for Europe we wish to see CuChulainn not as just an Irish myth, but the archetypal European and world myth – weaving a story that transcends national boundaries and is in sync with the re-emergence of a common European and global human identity. CuChulainn therefore has strong appeal to Eurpoean and American audiences based on it’s magical storyline and it’s powerful connection to a common past.

I am releasing my new "book" interpretation of CuChulainn on-line today. I have been writing it for several years and felt now was the time to release it as serial...


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Cuchulainn is over the top! The way he transforms himself into a monstrous killing machine when he's pissed (Waaayyy before the Hulk).
Beating the crap out of grown men when he was seven years old, getting his namesake by killing a huge watchdog, then acting as
a watchdog for the smith Culann as recompense. Defending the entire province of Ulster singlehandedly against the armies of Ireland.
Telling the war goddess herself to go #@@% herself when she wanted to sleep with him. Deciding to die at a young age and have his name
live on for ever rather than live to an old age and be forgotten. Having to kill his only child and best friend because of the rules of honor.
I could go on; Cuchulainn is a hero lover's wet dream!