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Hello everyone :)
I study Scandinavian studies in Poland and this year I have to write my thesis. I'm going to compare Celtic and Scandinavian mythologies, probably the creation myth. Do you know any Celtic poem/song/saga etc about cosmology? I need to compare it with Voluspå from Poetic Edda. Unfortunately I can't find anything in Poland so I would be very thankful if somebody could help me.


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The Celts never left us a creation myth in which the world and the heavens were set and ordered.
Instead they left us a type of mythical history.
In this Ireland had a succession of visitors.
Each visitor changed Ireland in some way, either physically or in a social-economic way.
A really good book is one by the scholar Pronsias Mac Cana. His book is called Celtic Mythology.
I'm sure even in Poland you can find this book at Amazon.
If it is unavailable, try the new book by James MacKillop called Myths and Legends of the Celts.