Compsite divinity (or the geneology of divines)


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Hello fellow mythletes. I have a conundrum. I am looking for a simple reference. I feel like it's got to be out there and I'm just missing it. What I need is essential where a gods (or goddess') history came from. As humans we kinda think of history as this static thing, and that what we have now has always been. Which is simply not true. As humans grew and expanded our myths and legends came with us. They changed and adapted as time went on.

I happend upon this website (Irish Origins of Civilization: The Goddess Minerva) where it gave what/where the author felt Minerva grew from:
Menrva (Etruscan)
Pallas Athena (Greek)
Neith (Egypt)
Ma'at (Egypt)
Isis (Egypt)
Brigantia (Britain)
Brigid (Ireland)
Baratana (Britain)
Victoria (Roman)
Sulis (Britain)
Nike (Roman)
Vacuna (Roman)
I stumbled on this information as I was trying to find if there was a more "common" version of Ma'at. (looking for "patron" god/desses). I began searching for a list or discussion and I fell short. SO here I am. Are any of you up to helping? I'm not knowledgeable enough to put it all together.


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I swear if it was that simple all along...well I don't know what I'll do. something drastic I'm sure. You know like go buy and eat brownies or something!


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It really is that simple! Terms like "Proto-Indo-European religion", "interpretatio graeca", and "religious syncretism" are very easy to look up on Wikipedia. You can eat brownies while you do it.