Columbus day

I know that among my Native American friends and family, Columbus was a bad man who came into our land and took away everything leaving only death and disease. I guess it depends upon your point of view, but we DON'T celebrate Columbus day.


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I don't blame you. What was done to your race was despicable. Have you ever watched the movie "Last of the Dogmen". If you haven't, please do. It's a beautiful movie about preserving your ancestor's way of life.


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I think it is ridiculous that we celebrate a man who "discovered" a land that was already populated when he landed. Not to mention that Amerigo Vespucci was here before that even.
A great quote I just heard while watching Twin Peaks earlier - the only thing Columbus discovered was that he was lost. He was not a good man and he didn't discover anything. I see no reason for us to celebrate him but in elementary school we were taught that he was a hero. Many people never know the truth.


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Yes, all Columbus did was get lost. I believe what he was trying to do was find a passage to India, which he never did.
:) I'm glad you all agree. He decided to claim a land that was already occupied, for Spain. He most certainly was lost and didn't find what he was sent to find. We didn't invite him. :)

Toni-I have indeed seen that movie and really enjoyed it. Indigenous people always seem to get the shaft in any instance. Look at the aboriginals in Australia. A similar scenario happened there to them.