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What's on the top of your Christmas Tree?

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Those who do so, will be decorating a Christmas tree sometime soon.
But what do you put on the top - a star, an angel, a fairy, nothing?

One thing I'd like to know. Where does the fairy come from? I know the star and angel appear in the Nativity story, but when did the fairy come into it? Is she a hang over from a pagan past, an atheist alternative to an angel, a neo-pagan embellishment? Any ideas? Has she got any myths?

To answer my own poll - we put a gnome on the top of the Christmas Tree. The same gnome for nearly 50 years (my parents started this). He's a bit worn and has lost his hat and coat. I think it just started as a whim to please my sister when she was really young.


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Sometimes I put a star (a pentagram, actually) or a small stuffed elf, either of which is satisfyingly Pagan. Actually I celebrate a combination of Yule/Solstice and Christmas, as do most people, without realizing that they are combining two somewhat incompatible observances. Fairies and elves are probably from the older Yule traditions.


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When I was a kid we had a star on top of our tree; there's an angel up there now. It was a gift a long time ago, I can't remember from who, and it's been on top of my tree ever since.


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We've always had an angel for the top of our tree. My sister, though, decorates a moose to resemble an angel for her tree. She really likes moose; I could almost say she's obsessed.

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This is the first stanza of T. S. Eliot's The Cultivation of Christmas Trees. Note carefully that the attitude of the child for whom "the angel is not only a decoration, but an angel" is not something that he considers "childish." Eliot's use of double and triple negatives can be a bit confusing at times.

There are several attitudes towards Christmas,
Some of which we may disregard:
The social, the torpid, the patently commercial,
The rowdy (the pubs being open till midnight),
And the childish---which is not that of the child
For whom the candle is a star, and the gilded angel
Spreading its wings at the summit of the tree
Is not only a decoration, but an angel.