Children of the god hades.


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Also, Makaria, the personification of the blessedness in death which the Greeks would wish one another, was the daughter of Haides [Hades] and Persephone. She occurs in Euripides and Pausanias as the daughter of Herakles and Deianeira, however. The female Heraclid might have been believed to have become the death-goddess Makaria after her own death.

In a fragment surviving from a lost play by Aiskhylos, the Corinthian king Sisyphos describes his departure from the Underworld by saying "Now to bid farewell to Zagreus and to his sire the Hospitaller." Aaron Atsma says that Haides, the "hospital[l]er of the dead" is the husband of Persephone, and so the "father" of the chthonic Zagreus. His putative father, however, was Zeus. I suspect that this might go slightly beyond that to the identification of Haides with Zeus, since we know that the king of the Underworld was sometimes called Zeus Khthonios, the "Infernal Zeus." Thus this may just be another way of saying that Zagreus was Zeus' son.