Breastfeeding mothers


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I don't know if anyone has seen the heat that TIME magazine is getting for their article about mothers breastfeeding their toddlers... I was just wondering what you all think about it.
What age do you all think mothers should cut off breastfeeding?
And what do you all think about public breast feeding?
There is no denying the benefits of breastfeeding, but some seem to think that it has become obsolete. Or that it is more of a benefit for the mothers than for the children. I have heard it said that mothers who breastfeed their children are mothers who can't let go and can't let their children grow up.
I don't want to step on any toes or start any type of back and forth war, but I am just curious as to what you all think.


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Can't really comment much on this.
First of all, I'm a guy. Secondly I'm not even a parent.
I think breast feeding is still important, but this whole attachment parenting thing seems to me ridiculous.
A mother should not give suck to a four year old.


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So if you became a parent you would tell your wife that four is the cutoff? Why do you feel four is the limit?
I'm just curious about all of the perspectives.
I just spoke about this with someone today: a new mom. She says that 2 years is a good age to stop, but some kids stop earlier on.
My choice of four years was arbitrary; it seemed to me that a 4 year old is a little old for breast feeding.
But if I ever got married and had a kid (Hahahahaha), and my wife had convincing reasons why she feels that breast feeding can
go past two, then it would not be that big a deal to me.