Body under mattress legend


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I've heard an urban legend about a couple staying at a hotel. Their room smelled awful but they decided to go to bed anyway. Halfway through the night the stench was so horrible they go complain at the front desk. The front desk does a search of their room and finally lift up mattress...and discover a dead body! I've heard this us true, what do you think? When I go on vacation I check under bed just in case!!!


Heyyyyy! I think I stayed in that hotel before! LOL Seriously, we once stayed in a hotel that was so bad, we left even though they wouldn't give us back our money. I will never go there again and anyone who goes that way, I usually tell them about the place.


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Ah, yes. I've found plenty of dead bodies stuffed under hotel mattresses all the time. Really freaks you out the first few times. After a while you get used to it.


I think it's a take off of Poe's Thee Telltale Heart. Most urban legends seem to be based on fiction-except, of course, waking up in a hotel without a kidney. That was on Law and Order so it must be true.;)