Bloody mary...ever tried it?


Has anyone ever tried the bloody mary urban legend where you turn the light off , say bloody mary into the mirror a certain number of times, and supposedly she appears? I have always been too chicken to try it!
When I was a kid I did it. I knew it was just a legend so I never really thought twice. We would scare ourselves and talk about "what we saw" but in reality not a thing ever happened. We just liked to play it up. There are so many stories about who Bloody Mary is and they are all fascinating.


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I have tried it on occassion, though nothing has ever happened. I think I "purposely" leave something out of the ritual. For example, I've never done it at the stroke of midnight.
There are so many versions of the legend that even if you did everything by the book, according to what you have heard, you would be missing something from another legend.


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We always used to do this as kids to psyche ourselves out, but I seriously doubt any of us saw anything other than our own imaginations looking back at us through the glass.


I didn't know there were other versions of this one. I thought that was pretty much it. I guess there could be some variations about who bloody Mary actually is though.


I've done it but been kind of freaked. I've also done Beetlejuice but that one's not as scary. We used to do it at slumber parties--right after we tried to lift someone using only our fingertips!