Beings with the power of animation?


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Hi everyone I've been doing a lot of research on the matter subject of beings who can bring life to inanimate objects so far I have had no luck. I was hoping that someone here could help me, I am looking for a god, goddess, mythological creature or even urban legend of a being capable of bringing life to inanimate objects any help would be greatly appreciated.


Ovid in Metamorphoses tells of Aphrodite in her favor to Pygmalion, King of Kypros who sculpted a lovely ivory woman (sometimes said to be the likeness of Aphrodite herself) and loved it, and how it one day became real flesh because Aphrodite made it so and married it to Pygmalion. Later poets give it the name Galatea. Pygmalion had children by it, a son Thrasios a augur and daughters Paphus/Paphos and another daughter (or the same daughter under another name) Metharme who wed Kinyras; their children being Oxyporos and Adonis, and besides them daughters, Orsedike, Laogore, and Braesia.

Hephaestus crafted many Automatones :

There were two cases where in Greek mythology a race of warlike, earth-born warriors, which sprang fully grown, armed and ready for battle from the sown teeth of a Drakon; the first with Cadmus in Thebes, who were called Sparti - five survived; Ekhion (who married Agave a daughter of Cadmus, by whom he became the father of Pentheus), Oudaios, Khthonios, Hyperenor, and Peloros. In Kolkhis teeth were sowed by Jason as a task to get the golden fleece, these sometimes said to be given to Aeetes by Athena from the first Drakon.

Deukalion and Pyrrha cast stones (the bones of Gaia) over their shoulders that became men and women. These perhaps being a part of the "earthborn" breed.