Beginning interest in mythology

Oak Leaves

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I have loved mythology for lots of years, so I'm happy to have found this forum. How did so many of you get interested in mythology? I find it fascinating that there are enough people who love it to start websites and forums on the subject.


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When I was in elementary school my sister, who was a year older, was assigned Edith Hamilton's Mythology. She hated the book and complained the whole time, but the next year I had to read it and I loved it! After her book I started reading more and more about different myths-mostly Greek and Roman, some Native America, very little Norse:confused:-and I couldn't get enough. When I got older and busier with work and school I kind of forgot how much I'd loved it, but when I went to college I couldn't figure out what to major in. I decided on Forensic Chem for the first year, but then one day I sat in on an Anthro class and it reminded me of how much I'd loved myth and learning about different cultures so I double majored in Classical mythology and Anthropology!
I still can't get enough!


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I had an English teacher in high school who incorporated Greek mythology into his lesson, and ever since then I have been hooked, and in college took a humanities course on mythology, folk tales and fairy tales. Besides Greek myth, we were also taught some Celtic and even a little Norse myth.


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I became interested in mythology in high school as well. We had a project in my english class and I picked mythology because I figured it would be fun yet easy. I have been hooked since then!


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I know that I was fascinated by the studies we did on Greek and Roman mythology in English Lit in high school but I'd have to say that my interest came before that. I've always been an avid reader and was advanced for my age. I was reading full books in kindergarten and mythology often played a role in the books I would read.