Balor is slain by lugh


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This is a drawing I did of Lugh killing Balor.
This is based on the myth of the evil giant Balor and how he heavily taxed the dwellers of Ireland.
The gods of Ireland needed a savior. Along comes Lugh of the long hand. He was a powerful warrior and agreed to fight Balor in the next war between the gods and fomorians.
Balor had one eye that could kill just by staring at you. Balor was old however and his eyelid drooped. He needed his servants to raise the lid using pulleys.
Lugh waited for the eye to open and quickly stabbed it with his spear.
Balor represented the earth when it is infertile. With his death, the earth was fertile again.
Ireland remembers this victory with the August celebration of Lughnasad.
My drawing is a bit abstracted: Balor is represented as just a huge frightening eye.
With Lugh's spearthrust, all of its destructive power leaves via bolts of lightening.
My friend Anthony posed for me as Lugh. Yes, he really is that muscular.
And he does have long hair; what do you expect from a musician.


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Legend of Joe, you are so very talented! You really have caught the moment of battle. Such a story! To think that the legend came true of Balor being killed by his grandson Lugh. The Tale of Tory Island is also interesting.


That is very cool! I like how you pay attention to body proportions, muscles details and stuff like that... I've heard about this story, but I didn't know all the details. Your drawing has triggered my curiosity and determined me to look for some books on this myth on my next visit to the library.


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Thanks Olsen. The fact that my drawing piqued your curiosity about this story is music to my ears.
The first time I read this myth was in Celtic Myths and legends by T.W.Rolleston. It is still my favorite version.