Archias & actaeon: a 3rd century bc myth that condemns the abuse of power


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Hello Everyone,

I'm looking for lesser-known Greek myths, stories and legends that could be considered actual in our present world/time/political climate/economical climate and so on. One such myth I've found recently is the story of Archias and Actaeon (not the son Aristaeus & Autonoe, this is another guy). Do you have any other suggestions?



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Melissus ['Bee'] father of Actaeon = Aristaeus,god of bees [Osiris/Hades].Actaeon [turned into a fawn/stag] = Prajapati/Priapus/Min/Pan/Faunus
Lupercus/Lycurgus/Uranus/Anu/Anpu/Anubis[son of Nephthys].Archias the Bacchiad=Archemorus/Opheltes [Cronus/Atlas/Bacchus].Serpent attacking Opheltes =Ladon[drakon/serpent of the Hesperides who menaces Atlas].