Anyone watch the old episodes of frasier?


I was wondering if anyone else ever watches the old episodes of Fraiser that they show on Friday nights. Tonight, I've watched three episodes back to back and it amazes me that the jokes are still as fresh as they use to be when the show first aired.


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I used to watch Frasier but I don't anymore. It was a somewhat funny show but it isn't for everyone. It has that same kind of humor that shows like Seinfield had.
I am not a fan of Frasier. Maybe I was too young when it aired to really feel interested with it. I do like some sitcoms but that's just not one I'm into. Of all the sitcoms I think I prefer Friends.


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Off and on yes, Kelsey Grammer is just great with his work and I still remember watching him in things like Star Trek & Cheers. I do get the note about Seinfield though, that is one I never really got into.


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One of my local stations airs Frasier nightly and I catch it every once in awhile. These are first-run episodes for me since I didn't watch it when it originally aired. I find it to be very funny. Seinfeld, on the other hand, never had much appeal for me.


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I loved Cheers and I also loved Fraiser (never got into Seinfeld so couldn't make a connection), but I haven't recently. My mother is a huge fan of Frasier. Actually, for Christmas, I got her Season 1 of Frasier on DVD:D


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Frasier was actually on all day last Wednesday, for a holiday marathon. I caught a few and PVRed those which I just love (the one where they all go to the ski lodge and everyone is chasing after someone else, plus when Niles and Frasier take the car motor class).